1. What are the primary types of criteria used to analyze learners?

firstly we need to analyze the learner base on their age, grade level, academic abilities, gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, attitudes & interest. second is analyze their prior knowledge and their learning style for example every person they have their own hobby like music, games and etc.…/750assuremodel.htm

2.Why are learning objectives an important aspect of lesson planning?

A course is more than the set of its learning objectives. The learning objectives specify the skills, but there are also attitudes and knowledge to be considered. because it can help  the student think at a higher level than simple memorization and comprehension.

3.What are the four components of a well-written objective?

  • A : audience
  • B: behavior
  • C: conditions
  • D: degree › … › School of Teacher Education

 4.List abd describe procedures for selecting, modifying and designing strategies, technology and media

1.Determine the activities needed
2prepared the environment to make learner comfortable and enjoyed.
3.Identify the resources and/or communication channels that may be required and that would be most effective for each audience (e.g., electronic vs. print vs. in-person meetings; mailings and phone calls; website and social media such as Facebook)
4.set  a detailed timeline for learners practise learner a pntual person.…change/effective-communication-an…


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