1)Define cyberlearning and provide an example of a classroom application. Cyberlearning is the use of Web 2.0 networked computing and communication technologies to support learning. By dynamically integrating the Internet into instruction, cyberlearning is transforming learning opportunities while requiring new perspectives on teaching. for example is slide share. the tudent can uses new approach like slide share rather than slide presenatation because it more enjoyable.Students can engage in critical thinking and problem solving through collaborating and communicating with others and by using curiosity and imagination to explore new ideas.…/define-cyberlearning-provide-example-classroom-application..

2.Describe cyberlearning literacy and discuss how it maybe used in the classroom. Literacy means ability in knoledge. The ability to connect with technology tools with normal classroom settings depends on cyberlearning literacy, which is the knowledge and skills needed for successful use of Web 2.0 tools. These all give student cahnce to surf and explore anemw thing with technology and give them a  opportunities to learn from experiences outside of the classroom setting. As techer they need to encaourages student with using web 2.0 to make them know how the internet and technology help them seek of infomation informally.

3. Identify three web 2.0 resources and demonstrate an example of how they might assist learning

i) Blog. Blogs can contain text, visuals and link to websites, allow learners to share information with each other and with the teacher. Blog also can be a dialog with a group of people all interest in the same topic or issue. All these can helps tacher and student more closely beside can improved from writting and reading.

ii) video and can be effective because it allows for “real time” or synchronous visual contact between students and the instructor or among students at different sites and also  development potential for deeper learning of the subject development potential for deeper learning of the subject development potential for deeper learning of the subject.

iii) presentation tools. Tool helps teacher and student to fell enjoy and learning section happen it can mkae student feel real and student can develop critical thinking skill. presentation tool include fuction that allow the user to email, apload or hsare presenation in some way–teachers-learner

4.Explain why social networking issues important for the classroom.Social networking sites are very attractive environments for teens, as well as for adults. Such sites present opportunities for self-expression and friendship building. Youth “play time” in such environments can build skills that will be a foundation for career success in the 21st century. Many teens are safely and responsibly engaged in such communities. But t also have bad impact from it like student may addicted spending an excessive amount of time online, resulting in lack of healthy engagement in major areas of life. student also have big risk to become sexual behavoiur and victom of cyberbullying. All these can ahappen because student 21st century the more exposed to technology with this facebook,twitter,histagram that can be harnful  for them.…/explain-social-networking-issues-important-classroom–chap…



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