Discussion Title: Characteristics of 21st century Learner

  1. Discuss the characteristic of 21st century learner.
  2. How important we as an educator to know 21st century learner?
  3. How its effect technologies in education?


21st ia one period that called modern civillization and one example civillization is a introducing information using traditonal method like newspaper but in modernasation we used technology to produce many thing. with technology we can have computer and now using internet to get knowledge and information.

1. Characteristicof 21st century leaner.

– student more confident and independent  and seeking out information using valid resources.

– student take responsibility what ever they do.

– through collaboration student can develop critical thingking and enhance attitude easy to working with others.

– learn by doing, just try making them sit down learn by watching.

– has mutual respect. teacher and student should always respect each other.

– has musti tasking. student can do various job to enhance their knowledge.

– using comment sense to solve problem and fiind the right ways as good leaners.


2. As educator the most important in 21st isneed for master of different kind of knowledge. because student in 21st is more advance in anything and as educator we show  we more master in anything so student need more teacher rather than technology. beside that as educator we must use methode teaching but in different ways. for example we use slide share in classroom this will make student more interested rather than leisten by lecture. we noticed student in 21st  they more enjoyed learning by visual image. so as educator need to improved or master in master in skill of teaching.


3. how effect technologies in education is one example malaysian people faced it. technologies has advantages and disadvantages in education.  in  my opinion used technologies have positive  effect student because they can ascess any information about studies and technology helps student feel enjoyed in classroome because teacher used technology to deliver massage like digital video,slideshare and etc. beside that technologies also have negetive effect in development of student. we noticed that nowsdays student more refer internet to studies and sometimes the information they get is not valid and realibility. student also 24 hours with their gadget like smartphonerather than do revison. because they think in technology they can find and do anything. so technologies is inmportant in education but has need to control to make sure our student and teenegers  do has brain damage effect from technologies.

http://www.education.com › Outside the Classroom › Technology and Learning





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