Analog and Digital

  1. Discuss the differences between analog data vs digital data.
  2. Discuss two type of compression techniques; lossy and loselss compression.

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Discuss the differences between analog data vs digital data.
Digital data refers to information stored as zeros and ones, while analog data refers to other storage methods. While digital data has largely supply analog data, some prefer analog storage techniques. Many analog records have been replaced by digital storage. Sound is also a good example of analogue data. Sound waves change in a very smooth way and A good example of this is a digital clock. A digital clock jumps from one second to another in clear steps. The change is not smooth or continuous.

2. two types of compression technique

Lossless compression uses statistical models to map the input to a smaller output eliminating redundancy in the data while Lossy compression, instead, works identifying unnecessary or less relevant information (not just redundant data) and removing it. In this way data compression is improved but at the cost of making lossy compression a non reversible process – as it comes at the cost of losing part of the information. › Topics › Computer Science › Computing fundamentals