Multimedia in Art Education

Why use multimedia in classroom setting in teaching art education”. Please state your opinion or suggestion based on your findings.

Assalamualaikum and good evening sir and selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha.

why use multimedia in classroom setting in teaching art education?In my opinion, in modern times many factors that contributes why multimedia is need in art education first is most of mankind use technologies in their daily life. the use of multimedia in classroom is more comprehensive and easy to get any information without outside class. for student they more excited learning this way because multimedia helps student in improve  or recognize a painting ,drawing and any material that use in art. it also allow student learning in two way because they can paint using multimedia instead they can express their feeling or emotion and learn new something  from using old fashion in producing artwork using paper or color . Beside that, using multimedia it helps student learn more about art materials and art process because they can refer multimedia easily and  they can improved their self in texting or writting, spoken words, sound and music, graphic, animation and other because nowdays student more preferred learn by visual especially art, we notice sometimes teacher not enough time to explain or doing art in class but using multimedia student can refer the information from multimedia. furthermore, the learning using multimedia is easier because  student can visualife  real situation and motivation is increased as student are able to see the relevenat of skill especially in art…/Multimedia-Projectors-A-Key-Component-in-the-Cl.